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A person’s willingness to serve God in the capacity as an usher reflects their commitment to Christ. They must be mindful that they are there to assist those who are preparing to worship God by creating a quiet and reverent atmosphere within the church.  Men and women are welcome to serve as ushers.

Ushers assure the comfort of the faithful in the church and perform various functions during the Holy Mass.  One of the most important duties that the usher has is that of hospitality.  The usher is often the first person that people meet when they arrive at church.  The usher has the opportunity and the responsibility to represent the rest of the parish in offering hospitality.  People’s impression of a parish is significantly shaped by the presence or absence of a welcoming atmosphere where they come to hear Holy Mass. Offering a smile and a word of welcome can have a profound impact on people as they arrive.

Before the Mass starts, the ushers help parishioners find a seat, particularly parents with small children and the elderly.  Ushers will ask parishioners who have limited mobility if they wish to receive the Holy Eucharist at their seat and then escort a priest or Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion to that person.  An usher will select a couple or family to bring the ciborium (containing hosts) and the wine cruet to the priest at the Offertory.  Ushers take up the collections, and they guard the Sacred Host during the reception of Holy Communion to assure that all who receive the Holy Eucharist consume it immediately.  Ushers also provide assistance in emergencies.  They ensure that the Church is in order before, during, and after the celebration of Holy Mass.

Usher’s Duties at St. Lawrence Church:

  • Arrive at least 15 minutes before mass
  • Put out bulletins prior to Mass beginning
  • Ensure that pews and the church are in order
  • Greet and welcome the faithful at the main entrance
  • Arrange gift bearers
  • Seat people as needed
  • Take up the collections
  • Help the distribution of Holy Communion flow
  • Assist those who become ill or need aid
  • Open and close the entrance doors to the Church
  • Prepare the pews and Church for the next Mass
  • Performing other duties as requested by the priest

If you are interested in serving others as an Usher, please contact the Head Usher , using the “Contact this Ministry” box to the right.

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