Share Sunday April 21

Share Sunday, a ministry of the Council of Catholic Women, serves the needy in our parish and through the Koinonia Foundation, the wider community. Each third Sunday of the month. volunteers are outside church at all Masses to receive your donations of pantry items and financial contributions.  


Koinonia is in need of new and gently used Spring and Summer clothing in all sizes, but especially children’s size 4-16 and men’s S/M. Their “most needed” pantry list contains some items you see listed almost every month because they are in short supply at Koinonia compared to the growing needs in our community. Why not choose an item or two from the list to donate that you yourself most enjoy or appreciate and think someone else would too.

Pantry Needs for Share Sunday Weekend (April 20/21):

  • Fresh Fruits & Vegetables
  • Mayo, Mustard, Ketchup, Salad Dressing,
  • Sugar,
  • Flour,
  • Canned Chili/Hash/Stew,
  • Salmon (canned), Sardines,
  • Pancake Syrup, Cereal,
  • Dry Beans (not canned),
  • Decaf Coffee,
  • Hot Chocolate,
  • Jam, Jelly, Jello, Pudding,
  • Laundry Detergent, Dish/Dishwasher Detergent,
  • All-Purpose Cleaners,
  • Tissues, TP, Paper Towels, Toothpaste,
  • Bar Soap,
  • Razors, and Shaving Cream.

Thank you– Your every donation is appreciated!

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